LOTF 06: BONUS EPISODE! John Palisano + Eric J. Guignard (2 Interviews for the Price of 1)

Interview with John Palisano, Vice President of the Horror Writer's Association. His short fiction has appeared in many places. Check out: Dark Discoveries, Horror Library, Darkness On The Edge, Lovecraft eZine, Phobophobia, Terror Tales, Harvest Hill, Halloween Spirits, the Bram Stoker Award® nominated Chiral Mad, Midnight Walk, Halloween Tales, and many other publications. NERVES was his first novel. He is working hard on its sequel, as well as many other upcoming works.

Show Notes:

Interview with Eric J. Guignard, a writer and editor of dark and speculative fiction, operating from the shadowy outskirts of Los Angeles.

He’s won the Bram Stoker Award (the highest literary award of horror fiction), been a finalist for the International Thriller Writers Award, and a multi-nominee of the Pushcart Prize. His stories and non-fiction have appeared in publications such as: Nightmare_MagazineBlack StaticShock_TotemBuzzy_Magazine, and Dark_Discoveries_Magazine. As editor, Eric’s published the anthologies, Dark_Tales_of_Lost_Civilizations,  After_Death…, and +Horror Library+ Volume 6 (April, 2017). Read his novella, Baggage_of_Eternal_Night (Journalstone), and watch for forthcoming works, including the novel, Crossbuck ’Bo (TBP 2017).

Show Notes:

LOTF 01: Strange Weather by Joe Hill

Welcome to the Debut Episode of Ladies of the Fright podcast. In this episode, Lisa and Mackenzie discuss Strange Weather, a collection of four short novels by Joe Hill. They break down each of the pieces (Snapshot, Loaded, Aloft, and Rain.) Tune in to find out why Lisa struggled through Loaded even though it was her favorite of the bunch. You'll also want to catch which of the novels Mackenzie thinks should be struck by lightning and destroyed (and why this same story sends Lisa into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.)

Show Notes: Strange Weather by Joe Hill 

  • In the beginning of the discussion, Lisa questions whether or not anyone gets struck by lightning in any of the stories (she can't remember.) MYSTERY SOLVED: They did not. Sorry, Lisa, but not in this collection. You're thinking of Practical Magic and The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman, which you read right before the recording of this episode.
  • The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton
  • Solaris by Stanislaw Lem
  • The term Lisa & Mackenzie are looking for during their discussion of Rain is "bioterrorismterrorism involving the release of toxic biological agents."