LOTF 23: Tropisode #2 | Haunted Houses with Kathryn E. McGee

tropisode #1.png

In this special Halloween episode, we are thrilled to bring you our second Tropisode! Today’s episode is all about Haunted Houses. As you know, with these episodes we invite a guest with some expertise on the trope we’re exploring. Today, we’re happy to welcome Kathryn E. McGee BACK to the show.

Our listeners might remember Kathryn from LOTF 03, in which we talked about the highlights from StokerCon 2018. As you know, we met Kathryn in grad school. We’ve brought her back on the show today because during her time in our MFA program, she established herself as a Haunted House expert. We think you’ll find her expertise valuable!

Show Notes:

  • Kathryn’s early writing, and how her career as an architectural historian fueled her interest in haunted houses.

Photo by Ján Jakub Naništa on Unsplash