LOTF 22: Michael David Wilson on Childhood Nightmares, This Is Horror Origins, Personal Growth, and the Girl in the Video


In this episode we chat with Michael David Wilson, the founder, editor in chief, and podcast host over at This Is Horror. Michael has done amazing work to promote the horror genre and has provided an invaluable resource for writers at all stages of their careers. In this conversation, we take a deep dive into his early writing (you won’t want to miss his retelling of James and the Chocolate Tree!), we explore his religious upbringing and how that connects to his love of horror. We also talk about the path that led him to start This Is Horror, and we learn about his forthcoming novella, The Girl in the Video, out next year from Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing.

Show Notes:

Photo by Ricky Turner on Unsplash

LOTF 21: Mother Horror on Night Worms, Book Reviews, & the Symbiotic Relationship Between Readers & Writers

In this episode we chat with Sadie Hartmann, also known as “Mother Horror.” Sadie is a prolific reader and book reviewer, who is generous with her support of authors and passionate about the promotion of the horror genre. We also talk about how her involvement in the Bookstagram community evolved over time, the creation of the Night Worms, her work with Cemetery Dance and Scream Magazine, the importance of maintaining an honest voice when it comes to reviewing books, and a whole lot more.

Show Notes:

LOTF 20: Grady Hendrix on Satanic Panic, NPR Summer of Horror, & We Sold Our Souls


In this episode, we reconvene with author Grady Hendrix to discuss his new novel We Sold Our Souls (out tomorrow, September 18!) We talk about his forthcoming movie The Satanic Panic (as well as the actual “Satanic Panic”,") what it was like to help choose the top 100 horror stories for NPR this past summer, and of course, conspiracy theories, the process of writing We Sold Our Souls, and the point where it’s okay to quit pursuing your dreams.

Show Notes:

  • The Satanic Panic

  • Fangoria

  • NPR 100 Favorite Horror Stories

    • Stephen Graham Jones

    • Ruthanna Emrys

      Tananarive Due

      • Stephen King

      • Joe Hill

        • Locke & Key

      • Neil Gaiman

        • Sandman

      • Charlotte Perkins Gilman

        • “The Yellow Wallpaper”

      • Joyce Carol Oates

        • “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”

      • Ira Levin

        • The Stepford Wives

      • Margaret Atwood

        • The Handmaid’s Tale

      • Mary Shelley

        • Frankenstein

  • “Real people” and co-opting stories discussion

    • Beatrice Sparks

      • Go Ask Alice

      • Jay’s Journal

    • Truman Capote

      • In Cold Blood

    • Vincent Bugliosi & Curt Gentry

      • Helter Skelter

    • Jack Ketchum

      • The Girl Next Door

    • Jay Anson

      • The Amityville Horror

  • We Sold Our Souls - OUT SEPTEMBER 18, 2018! (Pssst: that’s tomorrow)

    • Grady talks about horror recycling old tropes

    • Bruce Lee and pursuing dreams

    • When is it okay to stop pursuing your dreams? Grady has the answer for writers and dreamers everywhere.