LOTF 38: "Why Does Horror Matter?" Stoker Con 2019 Panel


It's difficult to put into words what a rewarding experience it was to host the panel "Why Does Horror Matter? An Exploration of the Relevance and—Dare We Say—Necessity of Horror in a Tumultuous World" featuring panelists Stephen Graham Jones, Kathryn E. McGee, Becky Spratford, and Gabino Iglesias this past May at Stoker Con 2019. It was incredibly rewarding and definitely one of the highlights of the con for us. This topic is one we've been thinking a lot about lately, but we had no idea if it was one that would resonate with others. We were pleasantly surprised to arrive at our panel room to find it was standing room only. Not only did we feel the podcast love, but we also felt that this is a topic that's heavy on many people's hearts. 

Our panelists added a richness and depth to the conversation that we could have never anticipated. Our panelist table was smaller than what was featured in some of the other rooms, but it added such a feeling of intimacy to our discussion that wouldn't have been captured otherwise. The subject matter has a tendency to become heavy and intense, but our panelists sprinkled in moments of humor and lightness to balance it all out. We're incredibly honored to share this conversation with you, and we hope it sparks continued ideas, inspiration, encouragement—and most of all, reckless hope. 

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LOTF BONUS: Stoker Con 2019 Recap feat. Kathryn. E. McGee


In this special BONUS episode, Lisa & Mackenzie sat down with Kathryn E. McGee in their hotel room on the last morning of Stoker Con 2019 in Grand Rapids, MI. They were surrounded by empty wine glasses, bottles, coffee cups, and water bottles—a sure sign of a great weekend.

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LOTF 37: Ray Cluley on Ocean Terrors, Mermaids, and Water for Drowning


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In episode 37, we chat with author Ray Cluley. The conversation celebrates his novella Water for Drowning, originally published by This Is Horror in 2014 and recently adapted into an audiobook narrated by RJ Bayley. Our conversation spans so much more than that though, and we get into things like why the ocean is so terrifying, the lure & appeal of mermaids (including a discussion about a friend of ours who wrote a hilarious piece of mermaid erotica), the necessity of making a living while pursuing the writing dream, and the thrill of reading outside the genre occasionally.

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